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Streamline your release workflow and publish constantly!

Adding automated releases shouldn't be hard or require changing your workflow

auto makes automating releases for your project as simple adding a label to a pull request. If you're releasing all the time you can be more confident in your releases. And your users might thank you too 😉

Keep Your Workflow

Other tools require you to change how any contributor commits to your project. With auto leave that baggage behind!

Beautiful Changelogs

Link to PRs and Jira stories, include authors, monorepo aware, customizable labels section, additional release notes, and even more!

Atomic Functions

Each command does one thing and they do it well. Easily use them to fit any build process.

Blazingly Fast Releases

Since all you need to worry about are labels, you can work at an incredibly fast pace! This speed to commit also helps with new contributors.

Changelog example

A release for any situation!

auto can create multiple types of releases. Each release type guarantees that no matter the situation you'll be able to publish and consume a release with your changes.


PR build previews that enable your project's consumers to easily test changes.


Easily create and manage pre-releases for your project as you develop large changes.


Publish a new full release for the project. Creates changelogs, github releases, and more!

What does the workflow look like? How easy is it really?


Open a Pull Request


Add a label


Hit that merge button


Wait for your continuous integration to make the release for you!

Frequently asked questions

Do you really release every pull request?!

Yup! But if you don't want to do that it's up to you. The tools auto ships with can be used to fit any workflow! You can also use skip-release labels or configure auto to only release with a release label.

Is there a way to hook into auto and customize my release process?

Many of auto's features are built into plugins. You can also use this plugin system to do almost anything during your release!

Does auto support any other types of releases?

Yes! auto has commands for any situation!

Want a test version? Try a canary

Want a prerelease? Try creating a pre-release branch and using next

Need to patch an old major release? auto can automatically make branches for old major versions!

Or if you don't want to worry about what command to you need, just use shipit! This command determines what type of release to make based on the context it's run in.

Stop worrying about your release and hit that merge button!

Get Started 🎉