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Automated releases powered by pull request labels

Streamline your release workflow and publish constantly! auto is meant to be run in a continuous integration (CI) environment, but all the commands work locally as well.

The two main problems auto is trying to solve are: release automation and pull request interaction. With the set of tools we provide you can automate every part of contribution!

Release Features:

  • Calculate semantic version bumps from PRs
  • Publish canaries (test versions) directly from PRs or locally
  • Generate changelogs with fancy headers, authors, and detailed release notes
  • Make GitHub releases

Pull Request Interaction Features:

  • Get the labels for a PR
  • Set the status of a PR
  • Comment on a PR with markdown
  • Update the PR body with contextual build metadata


auto's main use it to automate the release process for your project. This can be broken down into three core steps:

pre: (optional) Check if new version

1. Generate
2. Publish code
3. Generate github release notes

auto makes no assumptions about your publishing process. Each tool is a function that can be run in isolation and only does one thing really well. For instance, you could just use auto changelog to generate the changelog and nothing else or use auto version to calculate just the semver bump.