Make a release for your "prerelease" release line. This is ran automatically from "shipit".

  1. Creates a prerelease on package management platform
  2. Creates a "Pre Release" on GitHub releases page.

Calling the next command from a prerelease branch will publish a prerelease, otherwise it will publish to the default prerelease branch.


--dry-run, -dBooleanReport what command will do but do not actually do anything
--message, -mStringThe message used when attaching the prerelease version to a PR
--quiet, -qBooleanPrint only the result of the command


auto next

Configurable Options

You can configure some of the options for the next command in the .autorc.

  • message

Example .autorc:

  "next": {
    "message": "string"

Setting up Protected Branches

You should make your pre-release branches protected on GitHub. This will prevent a bunch of unwanted behavior from happening.

  1. Go to you project's setting on GitHub
  2. Click Branches
  3. Click Add Rule
  4. Enter the name of your prerelease branch (ex: next)
  5. Configure extra branch protection settings
  6. (Optional) Set the base branch in GitHub to your prerelease branch (this ensure new PRs go to this branch)