CocoaPods Plugin

Use auto to version your CocoaPod, and push to your specs repository!


This plugin is not included with the auto CLI installed via NPM. To install:

npm i --save-dev @auto-it/cocoapods
# or
yarn add -D @auto-it/cocoapods

WARNING: You can only use one "package manager" at a time! Mixing them will lead to undesired results.


  "plugins": [
        // Required, the relative path to your podspec file
        "podspecPath": "./Test.podspec",
        // Optional, the specs repo to push to
        "specsRepo": "",
        // Optional, flags to pass to the `pod repo push` command
        "flags": ["--sources="],
        // Optional, specify a different executable for `pod`
        "podCommand": "bundle exec pod"
    // other plugins



  • The machine running this plugin must have the CocoaPods pod CLI installed already, or podCommand specified in your plugin configuration.
  • Your podspec file must pass pod lib lint in order for publishing to a Specs repository to work.
    • All warnings and errors must be addressed before attempting to push to a Specs repository.
  • Using the logging flags with Auto (auto -v, auto -vv, auto -q) will also add the verbose or silent flags to the CocoaPod commands.

Pushing to the CocoaPods Trunk

If a specsRepo is not provided in the plugin options, this plugin will push to the CocoaPods trunk repository. This requires that the machine running this has followed the steps for pushing to trunk, the guide for that can be found here.

Pushing to a private specs repo

If specsRepo is provided in the configuration, this plugin will add that repo under a temporary name, push to it, and remove the repo from the CocoaPods installation on the machine. The machine that is running the plugin must have the appropriate git credentials to push to that repository.


When pushing to a private Specs repo, this plugin will temporarily create a repository with the name autoPublishRepo using pod repo add, and will remove it when the release has completed.