Comment on a pull request with a markdown message. Each comment has a context, and each context only has one comment.


--prNumberThe pull request the command should use. Detects PR number in CI
--contextStringA string label to differentiate this status from others
--edit, -eBooleanEdit old comment
--deleteBooleanDelete old comment
--message, -mStringMessage to post to comment
--dry-run, -dBooleanReport what command will do but do not actually do anything


auto comment --delete
auto comment --pr 123 --message "# Why you're wrong..."
auto comment --pr 123 --edit --message "This smells..." --context code-smell

Configurable Options

You can configure some of the options for the comment command in the .autorc.

  • edit
  • delete

Example .autorc:

  "comment": {
    "edit": true,
    "delete": true