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Hook APIs

Plugins work by "hooking" into various parts of auto to control or add to its behavior.

The categories of hooks available to plugins are:

  • Init - Add functionality to auto init
  • Configuration - Detect, modify and validate auto's configuration
  • Log Parser - Extend how auto analyzes commits
  • Changelog - Change how auto renders changelogs
  • Release Lifecycle - Called during various release commands, these facilitate publishing the package

The hooks that are called depends on the command is run. Some hooks are specific to a single command, such as the "Init" hooks, and others are called for every command.

Here is a map of all the hooks and when they are called (open in new tab for more detail):

map of all hooks

Plugin Ideas

Having a plug-able release process means you can automate so many things. Here are a few ideas of what you could do.

  • size-changelog: Every time a latest release is made update a with the bundle size
  • Use the afterRelease hook to communicate changes to consumers (ex: twitter or slack)

The documentation for each hook also lists examples of how the hook is used in various parts of auto and its plugins.