Omit Release Notes Plugin

Filter PRs with release notes that shouldn't make it into a release. By default auto will not include and Release Notes from renovate PRs. This plugin allows you to omit more PRs from effecting you releases.


This plugin is not included with the auto CLI installed via NPM. To install:

npm i --save-dev @auto-it/omit-release-notes
# or
yarn add -D @auto-it/omit-release-notes


Yarn can omit by most any field available on a PR. Each options accepts either a string or an array of strings.

  "plugins": [
        // By usernames
        "username": ["pdbf", "ghost"],
        // By name
        "name": "Adam",
        // By emails
        "email": ["", ""],
        // By labels
        "labels": "grunt-work"