Chrome Web Store

This plugin allows you to automate the publishing of chrome extensions

Example Repo: here


To publish to the chrome web store you will need the following secrets set in your environment. See here for a guide one how to get these values.



This plugin is not included with the auto CLI installed via NPM. To install:

npm i --save-dev @auto-it/chrome
# or
yarn add -D @auto-it/chrome

WARNING: You can only use one "package manager" at a time! Mixing them will lead to undesired results.


You must first pack/zip your plugin before running auto.

These environment variables tell auto what to publish.

  • EXTENSION_ID - your chrome extensions unique ID (REQUIRED)
  • EXTENSION_BUILD - Path to either a zip file, or a directory to be zip. defaults to

Or you can set these values in the autorc:

  "plugins": [
        "id": "1234",
        "build": "path/to/zip/or/folder",
        "manifest": "path/tp/manifest.json"

⚠️ You must have a manifest.json for this plugin to work.